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The best CI/CD tool for Flutter according to Google’s Flutter UX survey.

How Codemagic works

  1. Add your app wherever it is hosted

    Codemagic CI/CD integrates with Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and other self-hosted or cloud-based Git repositories.
    Add your app
  2. Start the build

    Build mobile apps using standard or premium instances of macOS and Linux build machines.
    Start the build
  3. Test automatically

    Assure the quality of your apps with automated testing. Run unit tests or test your apps on simulators, emulators or real devices as part of your continuous integration and delivery pipeline.
    Test automatically
  4. Get notifications and feedback

    Set up build notifications for fast feedback on your builds. Debugging is easy thanks to clear logs and remote access to the build machine. Codemagic provides integration to workspaces like Slack.
    Get notifications and feedback
  5. Automate deployment

    Codemagic will automatically publish your app with every build or on terms that work for you so you can release your mobile apps in record time and get to the market faster.
    Automate deployment

One tool to build them all


Test on real devices and emulators and publish to Google Play.


Code sign and deploy to App Store Connect. Codemagic is integrated with Apple Developer Portal for easier code signing.


Host your apps on Codemagic Static Pages or deploy to 3rd party services.


Select the right Flutter channel and build for macOS and Linux. Windows applications coming soon.

You can also:

Build native Android and iOS apps with Flutter modules

Build and publish packages to

Run Flutter driver tests on AWS Device Farm with Sylph

Integrate with a growing list of tools

Tested & trusted

Codemagic is trusted by more than 40,000 developers across the world

Intuitive UI or greater customization with codemagic.yaml


Unlike any other CI/CD service, Codemagic comes with an easy-to-use UI and automatic project configuration to get your Flutter project set up fast. Codemagic UI was built with Flutter in mind and has everything you need for Flutter builds readily available.


For more control over your pipeline, configure your builds with codemagic.yaml. Use custom scripts and integrate with any other service. Commit the configuration file to your repository to keep track of changes.

macOS machines that are always up to date with latest developer tools

Codemagic comes with a free plan suitable for individual developers or setting up PoC projects. No credit card is required to get started.
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Loved by the community

Launched at Flutter Live in December 2018, Codemagic was designed with Flutter in mind and quickly became the most preferred CI/CD tool among Flutter developers. We have travelled the world to meet Flutter developers and you can often find us at Flutter conferences and meetups.
Come join our Slack community with 3,000+ members to discuss everything related to Flutter and Codemagic.

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